Toddler Bear Costume – Hugs Anyone?

When we think of bears, we think of large furry animals roaming the wild – powerful, impressive, heavy weight and scary. Their body weight can vary from 25-800 kilos depending on the type of bear they are.

Don’t let the big body fool you either, they can maintain speeds of up to 50km per hour, and as we all know, some bears are very agile tree climbers.

When they are born though, they are blind and fur less and depend entirely on the warmth of their mother’s body and the den to prevent them from freezing to death. Like human beings, bear cubs are totally helpless when young.

Not so in one of these toddler bear costume.

teddy bear toddler costume


You will not have to worry about the cold with this super teddy bear infant toddler costume. This very cuddly toddler bear costume comes complete with some mighty big paws and some serious warm looking fur!

It comes in three sizes : 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18 months to 2 years old.

Bear cubs resemble human toddlers in many ways : a bit clumsy, inquisitive, fun loving, energetic and all so irresistibly cute.

This Halloween, dress up your little one in a totally heart melting toddler bear costume and all you will want to do is hug that little bear all day long.


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little teddy bear elite infant toddler bear costume


That red bow makes your little teddy bear look like the best teddy bear in the shop. The teddy bear that everyone wants to buy because it is just too adorable.

The lil teddy bear elite collection costume comes completely lined in beautiful  soft plush. The body suit is zippered with snap leg closures for easy diaper changes. The indoors only booties are skid resistant, and the hood with the cute bear ears just adds so much character.

Best of all this toddler bear costume comes in a deluxe garment bag so that you can keep it for his or her children later on! (Don’t forget the pictures).

Available in sizes 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18 months to 2 years.


teddy infant toddler bear costume


Oooooo!!! Ahhhhh!!!

Those expressions are what you will hear all day long with your little one dressed in this adorable toddler bear costume.

Parent Magazine featured this teddy infant costume and they were not wrong. This super soft chenille fur and flannel jumpsuit comes with a little powder blue bow tie, a cream belly and feet and a hood with the cutest little ears.

The rainbow colored blanket is also included. At the end of this rainbow, there won’t be a pot of gold, but something even more special!

Available in sizes 6-12 mth, 12-18 mth and 18-24 mth.


baby bear fairy tale classics toddler bear costume


You are going to have a hard time taking this cuddly baby bear fairy tale classics costume off your little cub.

It’s so soft and comfortable he or she will want to stay in it all day and all night long.

Fully lined with diaper friendly snap buttons, this cuddly toddler bear costume comes with non slip booties and a host of add on accessories such as a red t-shirt, a red bow tie for the boys and a pink t-shirt, pink headband for the girls.

Available in sizes 18-24 months for little cubs.


yogi bear infant toddler bear costume


We all love Yogi bear, what is there not to love about this famous bear?

This officially licensed Yogi bear toddler costume will guarantee that your little one can become this well known bear with the great character.

This little toddler bear costume romper suit covers the feet and has an attached white collar with a smart looking plush green tie.

The matching brown hood has the happy face of Yogi bear printed on it with a equally smart looking plush green hat.

Honey, anyone?


Frilly Winnie the Pooh Child Costume

Frilly Winnie the Pooh Child Costume


New for 2011 is this great Winnie the Pooh Frilly Dress .

For all little Winnie the Pooh fans, we have a red and honey yellow flouncy option with a Pooh bear print on the chest and a very fetching Winnie the Pooh headband.

Shoes are not included but we are sure you will love these Sparkly Red Ballerina Shoes


Don’t forget party supplies for your teddy bear’s tea party! And have a wonderful time in your toddler bear costume!!




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